Easyboost Photo Print

Easyboost Photo Print enables you to print photos in a variety of sizes on a single sheet of paper or print multiple layout pages at one time.

  • Templates are customizable, with users able to vary the size of their photos and prints according to their needs;
  • Advanced color adjustment controls allow for the correction of any exposure mistakes as well as the application of techniques to bring true creativity to your images;
  • Smart feature automatically calculates the best size, zoom and color enhancement etc to produce the best quality picture;
  • With a simple, easy to use layout and control panel, Easyboost PhotoPrint software is suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals;
  • ...
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Auto Instant Photo Print

Auto Instant Photo Print(AIPP)is a special event photo printing software for wedding or envent photographers.If you want to print multiple photo Layouts,The Easyboost Photo Print software is more suitable for you.

Auto Instant Photo Print(AIPP) is a windows app that monitors a folder for images and prints all of your event photos on the specified printing using the specified paper/print size instantly and automatically.It doesn't matter what orientation (Portrait or Landscape) the photo is shot in. AIPP will automatically rotate and print the image at the proper orientation and auto crop to fit the specified paper/print size. Frame/Png Logo/Text can be preset for every image.What is more,this app supports multiple printers work collaboratively for the selected hot folder.

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